Coaches Group:

Women's Required Pre-Championship & All-Conference Meeting Date: Sat. Apr. 6, 2019 1:30PM (required coaches meeting) @ Cateechee before practice
Women's Required All-Conference Coaches Conference Call Date: Thur. Apr. 11, 2019 11am
Men's Required Pre-Championship & All-Conference Meeting Date: Sat. Apr. 13, 2019 1:30PM (required coaches meeting) @ Cutter Creek before practice
Men's Required All-Conference Coaches Conference Call Date: Thur. Apr. 18, 2019 10am
Required Off Season Meeting/Call Date: Thur. 1/10/19 11:00am
Link to: Coaches Group Procedures and Requirements 
Link to: Sport Chair Report Form

Golf Committee Chairperson: Jason Gault, Belmont Abbey 
Athletic Director Liaison: Stephen Miss, Belmont Abbey

Women's 2019 Championship Date: April 6-9 at Cateechee Golf Club (Sat. practice then Sun.-Tues. tourney) Cohosted by Emmanuel, Erskine, & SWU (working together to provide ATC, SID, and Game Manager responsibilities)
Players Awards Banquet (All-Conference, All-Tournament, & BBQ Cookout: Tuesday, April 9 at Cateechee (all teams/coaches required attendance following Tuesdays play.

Men's 2019 Championship Date: April 13-16 at Cutter Creek Golf Club (Sat. practice then Sun.-Tues. tourney) hosted by Barton College
Players Awards Banquet (All-Conference, All-Tournament, & BBQ Cookout: Tuesday, April 16 at Cutter Creek (all teams/coaches required attendance following Tuesdays play.

2019-21 Tournaments: Approved by ADs 10/4/18 to split championships for a one year trial approval, with the understanding that if all things go well, a 3 year acceptance to be instated. ADs agreed the conference will supply the $800 budget overage to move the total M&W golf budget to $14,477/year. ADs agreed that Barton will continue to host the Men’s golf, while for Women’s golf Emmanuel, Erskine, and Southern Wesleyan will work together to provide ATC, SID, and Game Manager responsibilities.

Future Championship Dates:
Women's Golf: April 4-7, 2020                        Men's Golf: April 18-21, 2020
                      April 17-20, 2012                                     April 10-13, 2021

M&W Golf All Conference Teams will come from a coaches ranking spreadsheet (distributed the week before the league championships from coaches chair) that are based around golfstat program stats (which includes the nomination process from the spreadsheet). The leagues regional coaches representatives will be responsible for bringing up-to-date statistics to the golf coaches and conference call meetings, where golfstat stats will be distributed to help with voting. Nomination confirmations and intial rankings of the men's & women's 1st/2nd/3rd (5 per team) All-Conference team, Freshman-of-the-Year, Player-of-the-Year, & Coach-of-the-Year nominees will occur at the league championship coaches meeting (during Saturday practice round). A subsequent conference call of league coaches to finalize tweaks of All-Conference & individual award winners, will follow within the next week following the championship round (Thursday). The coaches call should include final ranking votes to be discussed with the final teams and individual award winners released as soon as possible (Friday) following the coaches calls. Awards will be preliminarily distributed at the Saturday coaches meeting, with the caveot that if changes are made and awards need to be exchanged coaches will exchange/ship those limited corrections between coaches to save in conference expense of having to redeliver all awards, etc. (per coaches vote 1/11/18).

Tournament Methods: Each team will enter five players with the top four scores per day counting towards the team championship,. A 54 hole championship tournament format will be played. At least 36 holes must be played to determine a champion. If rained out on any day and all teams have completed the same nine holes, those nine holes scores will count toward the championship. Official entry form accompanied by the entry fee must be postmarked by March 30th and sent to the Commissioner's office. Late entries will pay an additional $250, payable to the league.

In the event of a weather shortened tournament the highest seeded team remaining in the tournament (per NCAA Golfstat regional rankings) becomes the conference champion receiving the golf automatic NCAA bid.  When the winning team is not eligible for automatic qualification the runner up team receives the automatic qualification.

For future tournament scheduling, when the league receives NCAA required "completion dates", they will then always schedule a week prior to that NCAA deadline (or 2 weeks if Easter interference). Exp: NCAA completion date is Thur, the conference tournament will schedule the tournament to be completed the prior Tuesday - unless Easter weekend.

Tie Breaking Procedures: Team-utilized for first and second places only. All members of the tied teams play the first hole and count the best four scores. If tie remains, play similarly on a hole-by-hole basis until the tie is broken. When weather or darkness prevents playing off a tie, the non-counting players scores in the third round will be used to determine the winner. Should a tie remain the same procedure will be used for the second round and first round if a tie still remained.

Individual- All players tied for medalist immediately have a sudden death playoff to determine the winner. If weather or darkness prevents a playoff, the final round score will determine the winner. If still tied the second round is used and if still tied the first round is used. If still tied, a card playoff will take place using the last 18 hole round completed by all tied starting with hole number 18. The winner shall receive the Medalist Award. The men's award recognizes former Barton golf coach Edward L. Cloyd, Jr.

Multiple Sport Policies: Link to League Mutiple Sport Policy

Media Policy Regarding Officials: Link to Confernce Media Policy

Delay of Game Policy: Link to Conference Delayed Game Policy

Visiting Team Expectations: Link to Visiting Team Expectations

All-Conference Teams: (Also see above) 5 First-Team, 5 Second-Team, 5 Honorable Mention members, 1 Player of the Year, 1 Freshman of the Year, & 1 Coach of the Year will be determined.

All-Tournament Team: Top ten individual finishers

Players of the Month: Distributed throughout year each month (at end/beginning of each new month including Fall and Spring play) -passed fall 2012

Tournament MVP: Tournament medalist

Freshman of the Year: The top freshman vote-getter of the members using the same procedure and time frame as Player of the Year.

FOTY Qualifications: (approved 10/5/18 to start 1/1/19)
(Fall Sports for 2018 will continue to follow the past policy of "True Freshmen" Only)

  1. Student-athlete should qualify only if this is the first collegiate institution they have attended.
  2. It is the student-athletes first year of competition. (Academic sophmores/redshirt freshmen are eligible, as long as took redshirt at same member school.) 
  3. The student-athlete is not applicable for any transfer exceptions. (Exp. Student transfers from a school but didn't play a sport, still not eligible for award.)
  4. Nominators have the responsibility to make sure all qualifications are met. 

Student Sportsmanship Pledge Form & Link (Reminder to be signed by each student athlete during preseason and filed in schools athletic department)