B. Affiliated Membership

Affiliated Member Policies 

An affiliated member is subject to the Guidelines For Membership Applicants (Appendix F) with the exception of the minimum sports requirement. This offers the applicant and the conference the opportunity to determine the sport(s) to be affiliated with the conference.

  1. The affiliated member has non-voting representation on Conference Carolinas standing committees and at official Conference Carolinas meetings.
  2. The affiliated member has voting rights at coaches meetings in Conference Carolinas participating sports.
  3. Affiliate members will follow all applicable Conference Carolinas rules and regulations.
  4. The affiliated member will be eligible for statistical inclusion, team and individual awards and conference automatic qualification in Conference Carolinas participating sports.
  5. The affiliated member may bid upon and host conference sport tournaments offered by the affiliated member.
  6. Affiliate members are subject to the following financial obligations:
    a)    An initial fee of $5,000. An initial fee is a one-time fee provided that an institution maintains continuous sport(s) sponsorship dating back to the payment of the initial fee;
    b)    Annual membership dues of $2,500 per Conference Carolinas affiliated sport; and
    c)    Affiliate members sponsoring both genders in the sports of cross country, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, and swimming and diving are subject to annual membership dues of $2,500 total for both genders.
    7.    Applicable to all affiliate members
    a)    Affiliated members will not be a participant in NCAA conference enhancement distributions
    b)    The affiliated member may resign without penalty when a one year notice (May 31 is the date by which notification is given to fulfill the one year requirement) is given to the Conference Carolinas president. The penalty for resignation without notice as required is $10,000
    c)    Conference Carolinas may terminate affiliated membership providing the affiliated member receives a one year notification (May 31 is the date by which notification is given to fulfill the one year requirement)