2013-2014 Conference Carolinas Records & Award Winners


2013-14 Joby Hawn (All-Sports) Cup Winner
Overall Winner: Mount Olive
Men's Winner: Mount Olive
Women's Winner: Limestone & Mount Olive (tie)
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2013-14 Messick (Overall Sportsmanship) Award Winner:
Belmont Abbey & North Greenville (tie)

2014 Spring Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Softball: Lees-McRae
Baseball: King
Women’s Tennis: King
Men’s Tennis: Pfeiffer
Women’s Golf: Erskine
Men’s Golf: Pfeiffer
Women’s Lacrosse: Lees-McRae
Men’s Lacrosse: Belmont Abbey
Women’s Outdoor Track & Field: Belmont Abbey
Men’s Outdoor Track & Field: North Greenville
Men’s Volleyball: Belmont Abbey

2014 Winter Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Women’s Basketball: Pfeiffer
Men’s Basketball: Mount Olive
Women’s Indoor Track & Field: North Greenville
Men’s Indoor Track & Field: North Greenville

2013 Fall Mini-Messick (Team Sportsmanship) Winners:
Women’s Volleyball: Mount Olive
Women’s Soccer: King
Women’s Cross Country: Lees-McRae
Men’s Cross Country: North Greenville
Men’s Soccer: Mount Olive


Alan Sharp Award Winner:
Barton College


Murphy Osborne Award Winner:
Rodrigo Avila of King University

Murphy Osborne Award Finalists:
Archer Bane of Barton College, Lydia Schellenberg of Belmont Abbey College, Samantha Lockman of Converse College, Rachel Whitmire of Erskine College, Rodrigo Avila of King University, Heather Peterman of Lees-McRae College, Jenelle Fortunato of Limestone College, Brahm Moolman of University of Mount Olive, Brett Morley of North Greenville University, and Lauren Lyle of Pfeiffer University.


Athlete of the Year:
Female: Nyeshea Willie, Barton
Male: Bradon Reitano, Mount Olive


Academic Athletes of the Year (by sport):

 Women’s Cross Country: Ashly Sutherland, Converse
Women’s Volleyball: Kelsey Griffitts, King
Women’s Soccer: Hannah Kohls, Belmont Abbey
Men’s Cross Country: Brett Morley, North Greenville
**Men’s Soccer: Roberto De La Vina, Erskine
Women's Basketball: Bonnie Durrett, King
Men's Basketball: Logan Lyle, King
**Women's Indoor Track & Field: Maegan Henry, King
Men's Indoor Track & Field: Tyler Dunn, Lees-McRae
Baseball: Tyler Summers, Pfeiffer
Softball: Cassie Ringstaff, King
**Women's Tennis: Corin Hallman, Erskine (2013 Player of the Year)
Men's Tennis: Edgar Bub, Mount Olive
Women's Golf: Brittney Zine, Barton
**Men's Golf: Nicolas Fonseca, Barton
Women's Lacrosse: Maia Czarnecki, Limestone
Men's Lacrosse: Todd Nakasuji, Limestone
Women's Track & Field: Maegan Henry, King
Men's Track & Field: Austin Edmonds, Barton
Men's Volleyball: Eric Zaun, Limestone

**Earned both the "Academic Athlete of the Year" AND the "Athlete of the Year (Offensive or Defensive)" awards in their sport -see complete list at bottom of document.


NCAA Woman of the Year Nominees:
King University’s Hannah Witt
University of Mount Olive’s Jasmine McDonald 

Comback Athlete of the Year (1st Year of Award):
Amber Weaver, Barton College

SAAC Make-A-Wish Awards:
MVP Award Winner: (collected the most funds during the academic year): University of Mount Olive
Comeback Award Winner:
(most improved institution when comparing funds collected from the previous academic year): Belmont Abbey College
Top Play Award Winner:
(most money raised for a single campus event): Converse College

Faculty Mentor of the Year (First Year of Award): William L. “Buddy” Ferguson, Erskine College
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