Conference Carolinas Legends of the Game & Milestone Awards:

The ‘Legend of the Game Award’ is given to a coach that has garnered at least 400 career wins in soccer or lacrosse, 500 wins in basketball,
tennis or volleyball, 1000 wins in baseball or softball, or 30 years of coaching in the sports of golf, cross country or track & field. Administrators will be recognized after 30 years of service.

The ‘Milestone Award’ is given to a coach that has surpassed at least 200 career wins in soccer or lacrosse, 250 wins in basketball,
tennis or volleyball, 500 wins in baseball or softball, or 15 years of coaching in the sports of golf, cross country or track & field. Administrators will be recognized after 15 years of service.


Legend of the Game Award
2015-16 Class: (First Year)
George Pitts, King
Carl Lancaster, Mount Olive
Bob Reasso, Pfeiffer

2016-17 Class:
Rita Smith, Lees-McRae
Todd Wilkinson, Barton

2017-18 Class:
Br. Paul Shanley, O.S.B., Belmont Abbey

Milestone Award Winners
2015-16 Class: (First Year)
Ron Lievense, Barton
Sheryl Neff, Barton
Wendee Saintsing, Barton
Alleen Hawkins, Erskine
Kevin Nichols, Erskine
Charles Wimphrie, Southern Wesleyan

2016-17 Class: 
Tina Parks, Mount Olive

2017-18 Class:
Debbie Bost, Belmont Abbey
Paul Lyon, Belmont Abbey
Stephen Miss, Belmont Abbey
Craig McPhail, Lees-McRae
Dennis Bloomer, Limestone
Mike Cerino, Limestone
J. B. Clarke, Limestone
Corey Fox, Limestone
Jimmy Martin, Limestone
Scott Tucker, Limestone
Dr. Brenda Cates, Mount Olive
Wendy Lee, Mount Olive


Press Release Links:

2015-16 Press Release Link
2016-17 Press Release Link
2017-18 Press Release Link


Specific Recognition Parameters (from 4/1/16)

*Milestone & Legends of the Game Recognition Program

This recognition program is being implemented in 2015-16 for the first time.  ADs discussed eligibility standards for this recognition program and recommend adding the percentage element for coaches and administrators, so that a significant amount of their milestone was
achieved within Conference Carolinas. 

Conference Carolinas Recognition Program:

Who is eligible for recognition?

(a)          Coaches – at least 33 percent of wins must occur in  Conference Carolinas competitions; includes wins of either gender;
currently coaching or ended coaching career in Conference Carolinas

Baseball - 500 & 1000

Softball - 500 & 1000

W & M Basketball - 250 & 500

W & M Volleyball - 250 & 500

W & M Tennis - 250 & 500

W & M Soccer - 200 & 400

W & M Lacrosse - 200 & 400

(b)          Coaches – at least 33 percent of years coaching must be in Conference Carolinas; currently coaching or ended coaching
career in Conference Carolinas

W & M Golf - 15 & 30 years coaching

W & M XC & T&F - - 15 & 30 years coaching

(c)           Administrators – total years of service; can include years coaching at a member institution; at least 33 percent of years
must be in Conference Carolinas. 15 & 30 years

How do we recognize?

(a)          Coaches and administrators should be nominated by institution by January 1 of each year.

(b)          ADs review nominations and vote to make sure nominees meet requirements.

(c)           Recognized at spring meeting.